All my life I’ve led people.  I learned early in life that my primary means of serving people and God would be in the area of leadership.  I have been privileged to lead two great churches, one that I helped start from scratch.  I am about to complete 32 years leading the church I pastor now.  I have led groups as small as 5 and as large as 1000.  I have led people just getting started in their lives and I have led leaders who were powerful and accomplished.  I currently serve as a board member of the Tyler Chamber of Commerce and the Ethics board of the University of Texas in Tyler.  I’ve served as a development director for a large non-profit where I brought in millions in new funds.

Out my fascination for personal growth I became interested in  DISC  workplace profile training, so I went out and got certified to teach it.  I was interested in strategic planning so I got certified by Leadership Strategies institute in order to facilitate the creation of such plans for organizations .  I became interested in coaching so I got certified by the John Maxwell team as a coach.  I also sought out training from the Light University of the American Association of Christian Counselors in Leadership Coaching.  Over the past five years I have helped dozens of clients to find clarity of purpose and heightened success in their personal lives and careers.

I’ve learned a lot about leadership and success. I have studied the field self -improvement endlessly and I have sifted what I’ve learned into the piles of those things that work and those things that don’t.

I want to share this information with people who have a hunger to grow. I want to empower the frustrated worker who feels stuck in his career.  I want to open the mind of the confused worker who can’t figure out why people are not responding to her leadership.  I want to help people break barriers in their organizations and to find the tools that can change the course of their families future.  I want to help businesses and nonprofits be more successful by giving them tools that will enhance the their more important resource, the people who work for them. I have a history of success in helping people change and I can help you too.