Don’t Lose Your Brave

The 2020 Covid 19 crisis has us living in unprecedented times.  Everything from our economy to our education has been disrupted.  We have endured community wide shut downs, added masks to our daily attire, and learned to keep a respectful 6 ft distance in all our social interactions.

Most leaders are living in decision fatigue.  Instead of creating yearly plans and following the steps to attain those goals we have been forced to make new decisions on a daily basis.  The carefully cultivated yearly calendar has been decimated and we are now “flying by the seat of our pants” in our weekly and daily planning.  Many have seen their businesses disrupted as events that were sold, planned for, and advertised have been forced to either reschedule or cancel all together.

Such system wide disruption leads to discouragement.  It’s hard to be stuck in the “in between” while you watch your business suffer.  The experts say that someday this crisis will be over and we’ll return to a “new normal,” but many wonder if their business will still be around to see it.

One of the causalities of this kind of forced inertia is the loss of excitement to pursue new goals.  Uncertainty breeds conservative thinking which may be safer but it is definitely more boring.   I have been struggling to dream big and find myself reluctant to follow through on opportunities that six months ago I would have jumped on.

A friend challenged me with the phrase, “don’t lose your brave.”    It is basically a way to say, stay courageous, but I like the way he said better.  He helped me to remember that I not only need to stay full of faith, but I need to actively grapple with the thoughts that fill me with fear.  It’s important for leaders not to “lose their brave.”  People depend on us to dream the dreams that push our organizations out of their comfort zones.

What are the dangers of “losing our brave?”

  • If we lose our brave we could miss out on life changing experiences.
  • If we “lose our brave” those we lead may lose faith in us.
  • If we “lose our brave” when things return to normal we will regret the lost opportunities to grow.

I challenge you fellow leader, “don’t lose your brave!”   You believed big in the past.  Dream big again.  Refuse to cower to uncertainty and push yourself to take on new challenges.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Brave

  1. This is good Kim. I just read in “Streams in the Desert”, be men of courage; be strong. 1Corn 16:13…never pray for an easier life-pray to be a stronger person. Stand up, speak out, and bravely, In God’s name. Be strong! Thank you for standing and speaking out in helping others. Thank you for being brave and leading the way. I’m proud in how God uses you, my friend!
    We Love you and Barbara

  2. This admonishment will be much more necessary in the days ahead as the future unfolds. Thanks for the encouragement, Pastor.

  3. This is so true. Thank you for the reminder and thought provoking analysis of how we can and must be “brave” as leaders.

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