Goals- Taking Aim


Years ago, as a young man, I loved to hunt quail. There is nothing more exhilarating than to be walking through the brush and have a covey of birds, take off almost right under your feet. Sometimes, there will be six or more birds come up with a sound that really gets your adrenalin going. You raise your gun to shoot and the sky seems filled with birds and you feel like you can’t possibly miss. This is where I learned a valuable lesson about life from hunting quail.   If you just shoot into the group, you probably won’t bring down a single bird. I know I made this mistake several times. What you have to do is carefully target just one bird before you shoot. Your chances of success go up by a huge margin and you might have time to focus on one more before they are out of range. But, the point is… you have to choose a particular target.

This is the success secret behind setting goals. Life is full of opportunity and as you enter this New Year your “sky” may be filled with “birds” of every kind.   If you don’t take the time to target what you really want, you will have only mediocre success. You must choose what you want and aim carefully to attain it.

Every year, I set about sixty goals in five different areas of my life. I set goals for finances, relationships, my job, my family, and my spiritual life.   I write these goals down and I review them at least once a week. Some of the goals I review daily. Lately, I have been recording key goals and listening to them every day.   I write down the progress I make on my goals during the year and I check off the goals I’ve completed. I believe my productivity is 1000% greater in all areas of my life than if I hadn’t learned the power of setting goals.

  • Goals provide directions to your efforts.
  • Goals allow you to eliminate time wasters
  • Goals provide you criteria for determining what is important
  • Goals activate the power of the subconscious mind
  • Goals demand accountability
  • Goals increase your productivity exponentially

It’s a new year. It’s full of opportunity. It’s time to take careful aim and set the goals that will transform your life.

6 thoughts on “Goals- Taking Aim

  1. Why don’t you consider teaching a class on what you have learned. I am intrigued. I just live day to day and seem to go no where.

  2. Thank you For this! 2016 has been the worst for me.chronic , severe depression, serious health issues, financial issues, and just terrible guilt over failures! MOSTLY self brought on. This really helps me see what I need to Focus on to change. I am seeing the counselor you recommended regularly and she is helping me so much! You are such an inspiration Bro Beckham though I know I have disappointed you too. I am a work in progress and God knows my weaknesses and failures. I won’t give up! Debra

  3. I am going to be very intentional with my goals this year. It’s easy for me to see all those oppuntuintes and think yea I can do that…. But instead I will aim at the one that I want most!

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