For far too many people, far too often, their mind is the tantrum-throwing toddler of their personal lives. I admit to being one of them at times.

We manage our money. We manage our time, and we even manage our calories. Why don’t we manage our mind?

Why do act as if our mind is its own boss, free to do as it pleases?   We let it run out of control and create complications for our lives. We pretend that we can’t help it if we get depressed, moody, or irritated. We hide behind helplessness when our mind uses its creative powers to hurt the people we love and make emotional messes in our lives. Bad News— It’s not true! There is a level of control that we can possess with our rational thoughts. We may find managing our minds extremely difficult, but it can be done.

Here’s a mind hack for you:

What if you just assumed you could manage your mind?

What would you do differently?

  • Would you stop negative thoughts?
  • Would you refuse irrational fears?
  • Would you focus your attention rather than surfing your imagination?
  • Would you manage your mouth rather than let it spew like a volcano?

We actually have some experience with this mind management thing. It’s called dating. How much did you hold back when you were courting that beautiful girl or handsome man? Did you let your mouth run wild out of control?   Got ya, didn’t I?

If you could manage your mind when dating, then you can manage it now. It will take work and persistence, but hey, that’s how you managed to get married right?

Steps to managing our minds:

  • Admit you have power to do so
  • Change locations to change thoughts
  • Capture your “tantrums” on a time log to look for patterns
  • Enlist a friend to hold you accountable for bad mental habits.

Your mind can be educated into a well-behaved child instead of a sugar-crazed toddler if you have the courage and patience to tackle the task.

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