The Snowball Effect

I just finished serving on a jury for a criminal trial where the charge was the solicitation of a minor via the internet.  I won’t write anything about the details, but one of my “take-aways” from my two day immersion in the justice system is the sad snowball effect of parental selfishness.  I didn’t know the families involved, but it was easy to see from the testimonies given, that a young child had been made extremely vulnerable to the predators of this world by the emotional turmoil in her home.  As I listened to a confused teenage girl explain her dangerously unwise actions that had placed her in that courtroom, it was plain to see that she was desperately insecure and felt unloved.  My heart broke for her as she described her broken home, which included illegal drug use and promiscuity on the part of her parents.  Let me just take this moment to cry out for the children of our world whose voices are seldom heard.  Children need stability, they need security, and they need to know their parents cherish them just because they are their offspring.  Come on all you parents out there, let’s invest in our children.  Let’s deny ourselves in favor of the next generation.  Let’s put the hopes and dreams of our children above our passing hungers and dissatisfactions.

How can you make sure your children know they are deeply cherished?

  • One easy way is to write them a letter or card declaring your love.
  • Display discipline in your personal life by coming home every night, sober, and clear-headed.
  • Deepen their security by demonstrating faithful love for your wife or your husband.
  • Work wisely and with integrity to provide financial stability for your home.

You can help your children feel secure in this crazy world. Remember that secure children become well-adjusted adults.  There are too many teenagers who find themselves in the courtrooms of America.  Why not work hard to ensure your child won’t become one of them?  If you are going to have a snowball affecting your family let it be the accumulated success of one generation of dedicated parents after another positively impacting their children.

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