Kim Beckham is now offering three dynamic Leadership Training classes to help you build lasting success into your life and career.

These self-improvement courses have a growing list of satisfied graduates.  Those who have benefited have come from varied careers in education, health care, accounting, real estate, small business, banking, and the nonprofit world.

What you will get when you sign up for a course:

  • 8 days of dynamic teaching and coaching held once a month for 8 months. Classes will be taught by Kim Beckham.
  • Dynamic problem solving that is focused on your specific challenges, to lead you to breakthrough ideas for your career and life.
  • 3 books including two written by Kim Beckham.
  • Assigned podcasts tailored to further your learning.
  • A lasting connection with like-minded, goal-oriented leaders as you learn together.

Topics covered in the first-year course:  “WHAT I KNOW WORKS”

  • Change your thinking and change your life- the foundation to self-improvement.
  • Time management- are you working smart as well as hard?
  • Goals- the setting and achieving of goals plus visioneering.
  • The Mind- tapping into the power of the subconscious mind.
  • Networking- organic and strategic relationship building.
  • Handling failure- overcoming obstacles, by learning from them.
  • Beliefs-  lifting the lid from your life.
  • Integrity- making sure your career is sabotage-proof.

Topics covered in the second-year course:  “Going Deeper” 

  • Attitude- developing the mindset that trumps skillset.
  • The power of presence- charisma, how to develop and use it.
  • Public speaking- 3 keys to  “wowing” any audience.
  • Body language- what does your posture communicate?
  • Taking responsibility- the power of personal accountability.
  • Delegation- great work gets you promoted, but once you are promoted, it’s time to stop working.
  • Developing confidence- becoming fearless.
  • Work-life balance- creating a life that excels in all the important areas.

Topics covered in the third-year course:  “Upper Level” 

  • Negotiation- the skill of asking for and getting what you want.
  • Decision-making– how to make good, solid, quick decisions.
  • Coaching- personal leading your people to success.
  • Mastering stress– overcoming the “overwhelm” of life.
  • Mental toughness– becoming unstoppable.
  • Building teams- teams may be the most important thing you ever build.
  • Preparing for disaster– what to do when everything goes wrong.
  • Mindset- the secret that is more powerful than skillset and financial resources.

Choose the course that works for you or take them all to build a library of practical knowledge that will set you up for lasting success in your career and relationships.

All classes meet locally, once a month from 11:30 to 1:00 pm.

“Once you maximize your use of technology and your personal time management skills, the only way to grow your success is through other people.”

Email or call me today for more information.  Each class is limited to 20 people and they fill up fast.                                       903-571-8442


Smittee Root- Executive Director of Leadership Tyler:

Amanda Folmar- highly successful real estate executive:

Todd Buchanan – manager of thriving business:      


Thank you for teaching “What I Know Works”. It ignited a fire inside to be a better me.

The lessons you taught, caused me to take inventory of my life. What did I need to get rid of and what were some of the things I needed to add to my daily life?  I stopped smoking and I’ve added to my life exercise, goals, vision boards, but the most productive thing I’ve added to my life is early morning prayer.  Thank you, Kim. Each and every one of your lessons have had some kind of impact on me. I’m certain every person who has had the privilege to be part of your class can testify of the same.  Tammy C.