A Hero Pays the Price


I know a local hero. She is not one that gets a lot of attention.  No reporters from the television station call her for interviews and no paparazzi are chasing her through the streets to get that elusive magazine cover shot.  But she is still a hero.  Why, because she is living out one of my most cherished values.  She is practicing the credo of,  “if you are willing to dream about something and are willing to work hard to get it, you will eventually succeed in realizing that goal.”  My hero is a barista at a local coffee shop and her brilliant smile and friendly demeanor is a true asset to her employer.  But, she is also a chiropractor.  She recently finished a long arduous academic process to earn her medical degree while working fulltime to put herself through school.  She has opened a small practice and already has two clients.  She is continuing to brew coffee and hand out smiles while she builds her medical practice.  I have no doubt that she will succeed.  People who can discipline themselves to work hard over a long period of time for a goal almost always do.

Here’s the question for all you to consider today.  What dreams have you put on hold because you couldn’t see an easy path to attaining them?  Ask yourself am I willing to pay the price for my dreams?

I am proud to know my local hero and I know she is going to be wonderful chiropractor, but I’m really going to miss my her smile when I get my coffee.