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“I wish I had it years ago it would have helped me in so many ways. Relationships are hard no matter what. But, with the biblical aspects & wisdom that comes from this book I understand more & I can cope better with the struggles I have with my relationships. He also addresses the emotions that come with some relationships which hinders our ability to heal. It’s broken down in a way that’s easy to read. I love this book!”

Pamela Cobb, Amazon Customer

“One of the things that seems to happen in the busy world in which we live is that we take advantage of those closest to us. The assumption that our loved ones know we care about them and love them leads us to ignore the need to communicate our feelings to them on a regular basis. This delightful work by Kim Beckham is a wake-up call and will have a profound effect on my life and the lives of many others.”

William R. Crowe, PhD, Past President, Tyler Junior College

Hear what others have to say:

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Game Changers answers these questions:

  • Why do we talk ourselves out of opportunities?
  • Why do the opinions of others imprison us?
  • How can we push through fear to find success?
Game Changers - Book Cover