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Leadership and motivational talks for events

Kim Beckham is a communicator known for keeping audiences involved and engaged. He is equally adept at speaking for both community and corporate events, with a passion to spur others on in pursuing their next steps to achieve life goals. Kim works hard to create as much interaction with groups as possible to make presentations informal and touch audience members.

Kim has been involved in many community and nonprofit arenas. He has served as a leader in his denomination, holding several offices and is a sought-after conference speaker. Having a passion to minister to hurting youth led him to become involved in the work of Azleway, Inc., where he has served in the development department of this ministry to children in crisis for the past ten years.

Beckham was a participant and board member of Leadership Tyler, an organization with several in-depth programs to grow leadership skills in community participants. He currently serves on the Ethics Council of the University of Texas in Tyler as well as being a board member of the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce.

See what others say about Kim’s ability to motivate large groups of people.

“Kim Beckham connected with the Bethel Bible ladies in an honest and practical way. He provided hope and relationship guidance…in a world that is relationally warped.”

Carole Hodges, Bethel Bible Women’s Ministry Coordinator

“Kim is a fan favorite at our organization in Tyler, Texas. We are blessed to have him in our backyard. He is such a great communicator in person. His conversational delivery makes one feel like you are having a personal conversation over dinner. I have personally benefitted from his lectures, and books. As a prolific writer, thought leader, and blogger, Kim is multi-faceted. Bring Kim into your group today.”

Thomas Smith, Administrative Council Chair, Marvin United Methodist Church


Relationships are the secret to organizational and professional success. Other people will determine how high you climb in life and how your people relate to each other has a significant effect on your bottom line.

This presentation helps your organization take a serious look at their relational skills and how they are interacting with the people they lead.

Drawing on Kim’s book “Hidden Dangers, Combatting the Threats to Healthy Relationships,” this powerful speech details four of the hidden dangers that can keep you from maximizing your professional success.

Are the people you lead passive in the face of their difficulties? Are they suffering year after year in circumstances that would improve if they would just take action? Far too many people are waiting on someone else to take action for them. This weakness is solved by learning to be proactive, which is just one of the “game-changing” ideas Kim shares in this popular keynote.

Kim Beckham shares powerful ideas and useful strategies for expanding your life, relationships, and careers in this dynamic presentation.


Kim shows you how to use the power of the written word to say the most important things to the most important people in your life. Using examples drawn from his experience as a pastor, father, husband, and employer, Kim helps us appreciate and harness that skill.

This talk brings powerful emotions to the surface and strengthens the determination to connect with the important people in our lives.


Overcoming devastating news is a challenge we all face at times in our lives. Drawing on his wife’s diagnosis of cancer, Kim walks you through steps to keep you moving forward when you’ve been blindsided with bad news. Whether it’s personal-, business-, or health-related, everyone has to learn to overcome difficulties in their lives.

This powerful and touching address provides solid information and practical tools to keep bad news from derailing you or your business.

And others …

These are few of Kim’s most popular presentations. He will be glad to discuss expanding or creating a talk on other subjects of interest. His expansive background and experience allow him to tailor life-enhancing and engaging presentations on a range of subjects.

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Game Changers answers these questions:

  • Why do we talk ourselves out of opportunities?
  • Why do the opinions of others imprison us?
  • How can we push through fear to find success?
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